7 SEO Techniques You Can Use To Improve Your Positioning

7 SEO Techniques You Can Use To Improve Your Positioning

Improving the positioning of your website on search engines is within your reach. All you have to do is apply these SEO techniques and you will see how your site improves its positioning within Google results.  

Locate the keywords that are most relevant for your business.

A free tool like Google Keyword Planner can help you to locate the most interesting keywords for your business. You should choose those that have a sufficiently large amount of searches and that, at the same time, have low or medium competition.

Create a web structure that is easy and logical for possible visitors.

Offering quick and easy navigation is important for both users and search engines, as this favors the indexing of all of the pages on the site. The most important tip is to not have too many structure levels on your web: any section should be under three clicks away.

Use keywords in your content.

Use keywords in the text inside your site, but trying not to overdo it. The keyword does not have to appear in each sentence, you should use them naturally, using variants, synonyms, plurals… It is recommended that the titles and subtitles also include a keyword.

Build friendly urls and use a keyword.

Avoid urls like this one: http://www.miweb.com/blog/?p=634545. Edit them so that all urls include a keyword and make sure that this is different in each one of the sections. The more to the left of the url the keyword appears, the better.  

Urls should be short and descriptive, so that they provide information for the user. Las

Write appropriate titles and meta descriptions for each section of your web.

The title and meta description are shown on search results and also on social networks. Aside from guiding the user about what they are going to find if they click on the link, it is also useful for search engines like Google.

Optimise images on your web.

All of the photos and graphics that you use on your site should be SEO optimised. This means:

  • all of the photos a relative file name instead of a generic one such as photo123.jpg.
  • all of the photos should have their appropriate alt tag.
  • the images weight should be optimised so that they do not take long to load. las

Post content periodically.

Content creation is key for all SEO strategies. But you can’t just write about anything or copy content from another web. Your articles should be original, contain keywords and also look attractive for any possible visitors.