Social Proof: What Is It and Why Do You Need It On Your Web

Social Proof: What Is It and Why Do You Need It On Your Web

Have you ever realised that, on certain occasions, when you have to make a decision, you normally opt that that made by the majority of people around you?

This is a demonstration of something known as Social Proof.

It has nothing to do with magic, but with psychology. Due to this phenomenon, an individual is influenced by the opinions or action of other people. This happens more than we imagine, for example, when you chose a bar that is full of people over the bar that only has a couple of clients, or you stop in the middle of the street to look at something that everybody else is looking at.

Social proof, aside from just plain curiosity, is a very effective technique in marketing. On trying to make a sale, social proof:

  • removes any distrust the client may have.
  • reaffirms their decision in the case that they had already thought of purchasing.
  • incites the feeling of not wanting to be left out.

How can you include social proof in your website?

Now that you know the benefits of social proof, it is time to use its advantages on your website. To do so, you can use different techniques:

  • Give data, like the amount of satisfied clients or the number of people subscribed to your newsletter.
  • Include client opinions about your product or service.
  • Give your user the option of leaving evaluations of their purchases in the case that you have an online shop. One of the first companies to do this was Amazon, although almost all online shop now give this option.
  • Carry out case studies with the most relevant customer stories who you have helped in the past.
  • Interview customers.
  • Gather tweets in which your clients and users speak well of you. Place them on a visible part of your website.
  • Create a YouTube list with videos that speak about your product and incorporate it onto your website.