Social Network Management for Events

Social Network Management for Events

There are several elements that we should keep in mind when choosing the social networks to manage our new event on -whichever this event may be- with the aim of our messages reaching the right public. To do so, we should always define the goals we want to reach with our posts and, above all, for our social networks to be a real communication channel between issuer and receiver.

Opening a fan page on Facebook, creating a special account on Twitter or designing creative hashtags, are not the only important factors when deciding how to manage the social networks we have chosen for our event. There are 2 very important factors that are occasionally forgotten about.

1. Selecting the Right People.

A Community Manager or Community Management team, is always the best option to be those in charge of the social network management of our event; trained specialists, who strategically post information in an efficient way and that know how to respond to any small or big crisis that can occur on these channels. Unfortunately, on occasions, and normally due to budget, it is hard to hire these specialists, but to really be able to reach our goals successfully, we must choose a person or people who know how to use social networks like a professional, with impeccable writing skills and brilliant spelling, who know what the event is about and the audience for the event and, above all, who are really involved with the task that has been assigned to them.

The ideal thing is that the Community Manager or the people chosen to manage our social networks, is present in the three stages of the organisation of our event (pre-during-post), that way, they will know from the beginning what is the type of language or tone that must be used, the regularity with what the posts should be carried out, the itinerary of the activities and how to post them on the networks, the importance of replying immediately to messages or comments and how to do so, make the public that are going to assist to the event and other potential public participants, take the best photos and videos for the network, among many other things.

2. What to do with our social networks once the event has finished.

It is very common that, once the event has finished, we completely ignore the social networks that we selected and managed, forgetting about them completely.If it is of common interest to keep them active, we have to know how to take advantage of these communication channels that are, in some way, already positioned and working with a subject. Here are some suggestions:

– If the event is carried out on a regular basis, we have the option of only changing the name of this on our social networks, maybe by increasing the year (for example ‘’…..2016’’) or increasing the anniversary year (for example ‘’XI Congress of…’’).

– Regularly post the results obtained with our event, without over using this resource.
– Speak about current activities or achievements of the people who assisted.
– Share articles, notes, photos, videos or other events that are related to the subject of ours.

The success of the use of social networks for an event totally depends on the goals defined at the beginning, as well as the person or people in charge of managing it. So, it is not something to be taken lightly; the image of our event depends on how we manage our social networks.