Pinterest: An Excellent Option for Event Planners

Pinterest: An Excellent Option for Event Planners

To be a good Event Planner, creativity and good time management is now not enough. We also need a tool that will allow us, in a 100% visual way, to organise our ideas, our inspirations, our services and our success stories; kind of like the ‘book’ that models and photographers use, but more specialised and with more beneficial. And for this, we can count on our beloved and great friend, Pinterest.

With over 70 million users*, Pinterest (a website with 80% of their users being women) clearly provides a useful tool for internet users in their day to day lives, but especially in the case of Event Planners it has become an interesting and, sometime, indispensable tool as it makes both planning and time management much easier, thanks to the thousands and thousands of brilliant images available. Pinterest largely reduces the need of saving heavy image files on our laptops (files that can sometimes end up being useless), and, instead of that, we can just upload them onto our account and see all of our images and ideas in a systematic and organised manner and that lets us check the more efficiently.

Other advantages of using Pinterest for Event Planners are:

Organise our inspirations.

As I said before, creativity is an important part of being an Event Planner and, being realistic, we always need something or someone to inspire us. There is nothing wrong with looking for ideas from other events that have already happened, always when we don’t copy these and we are capable of changing and ‘transforming’ them to our own capabilities and, above all, the needs of our clients. From invitation designs, catering samples, wedding dresses, color schemes and locations; most of the things on Pinterest can inspire us. And the most optimum way to organise each and every one of these inspirations is creating dashboards with specific themes, that will allow us to move from each one of them with ease.

Create interaction with our clients and suppliers.

Sometimes, the task that takes up the most time of event planning is contact and interaction with our suppliers and even with our own clients. But, what a simpler way of communicating our ideas or simply expressing ourselves, than through images that can be shared with both publics and vice versa. Pinterest has become the most optimum way of sending/sharing proposals and inspirations, instead of long meetings, phone calls or an infinity of emails with an infinity of images. Said route is through theme dashboards, that can be either public or private and allow us to have a general idea about what is being looked for or what we are looking for; what is liked and what isn’t. One of the social network’s recent updates is that of Private Messages amongst pinners, that helps with a more direct communication.

Promote our services.

If we have an event planning business or we work as an individual, we can also use Pinterest to promote and sell our professional skills, send traffic to our website (or to another social network we use frequently), share our success stories and, potentially, increase our number of clients. We must not forget that it is essential for our account to include information about our business and contact information. The most important tip, is to directly link the photographs of our events with our website, in a way that, we redirect people to this and for them to find out all about the services we offer and thus create a first contact.

A clear example of using Pinterest for successful event planning, are weddings. Some people state, quite sarcastically, that there are two types of wedding: the real wedding and the Pinterest wedding. The majority of Wedding Planners have used this social network to create a much more special link with their clients, in a way that, the perfect wedding can be created, almost to perfection, that includes each and every one of the details that are planned.

Pinterest: An Excellent Option for Event Planners

To sum up, Pinterest could and should form part of our social media plan if we work as professional event planners, both to make our job a lot easier and to create a fixed base with clients and suppliers alike, that gives them implementation on said network when it come to managing an event that is being planned and, above all, to promote our services to potential new clients.