How To Not Reply To An Angry Customer on Social Networks

How To Not Reply To An Angry Customer on Social Networks

An important part of the work of a community manager consists in interacting with users that contact the brand through social media. But, what happens when the user in an angry client?

Knowing how to manage bad customer complaints is very important, because the problem can become bigger than it was at the beginning. However, if you attend an angry client well, they may even change their opinion of the company.

So that the don’t get it wrong when managing complaints, we have created a list of things that you should not do to an angry client on social networks.

Don’t stay silent.

A client makes a complaint and the company remains silent. Hours pass and the silence continues. Is there nobody there to reply to clients? Is the brand ignoring the client?

Neither of these possibilities are good. Staying silent always transmits a negative message: that the client is being ignored.

Do not make threats.

Threatening a client is one of the worse things you can do on social media. This type of attitude is very negative for a brand and can spiral out of control, giving the brand a very bad reputation for current and future customers.

Don’t just say “You’re wrong”.

Sometimes a client is wrong, however angry they may be. Their anger may come from somewhere else that does not involve the company or they may have just had mistaken information that led them to their anger.

A community manager cannot just limit themselves to saying the the client is wrong, they must be able to tactfully show the client that they are not right. To do so, they must use solid arguments to reply: for example, explain that extraordinary causes have provoked the situation, or send them to an information section on the website.