How To Monitor Rival Companies on Facebook

How To Monitor Rival Companies on Facebook

One of the tasks of a community manager is to monitor rival companies, and to do so, there is a free tool that is very easy to use: the Observation Page function on Facebook.

Observation pages can be found within the statistic section of your Facebook page. Statistics are not activated until you have 30 fans on your page, so you will have to wait a while if your page is new.

Thanks to this function, you can monitor the amount of fans that rival company pages have, as well as their most popular posts. Both is information that you can achieve by simply looking at their pages, but this tool makes the task a lot easier. Also, you will receive a notification when the page shares a post that is very popular.

Monitor the amount of fans of rival companies on Facebook.

To monitor rival companies on Facebook, you have to access your statistic section.

In the section ‘General Overview’, you will see a button that says ‘Add pages’. When you click on this, a search box will open up and a list of some of the suggested Facebook pages that may be of interest to you will appear.

Search for rival companies and click on ‘Watch page’. From then on you can see:

  • the total amount of fans
  • their evolution over one week
  • posts made in the last week
  • interaction over the past week: reactions, comments and shared content.

How to monitor the most popular posts of rival companies on Facebook.

Observation pages also allow you to see what posts from rival companies are popular at the moment.  

Click on the publication section of your Facebook statistics and click on ‘Highlighted posts from your observation pages’. You will be able to see the total amount of interaction for each post.

As you can monitor your competitors, they can also monitor you. Each time somebody starts to monitor you on Facebook, you will receive a notification, although you will not be able to see who is monitoring you.