6 Social Networks to Complement Your Social Media Strategy

6 Social Networks to Complement Your Social Media Strategy

You have a page on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but you may still not be reaching all of the public you would like to.

The main social networks have a lot of public and are excellent marketing tools, but they are not the only ones that are available. Other social platforms with a high potential exist that you can use to complement your strategy on other networks.

Why use these social networks?

-To Experiment with new content.

-To present your content in different formats.

-To reach new public that you wouldn’t have reached on other networks.

Social networks to complement your social media strategy.

  1. Tumblr.

Not long ago, we discovered a KitKat blog on Tumblr and we thought it was a fantastic example to demonstrate how interesting this platform can be, halfway between blogging and microblogging.

Tumblr is perfect as a secondary blog, as a visual blog or to share fun light hearted content.

  1. Medium.


Medium is the social network for people who like to write.

On Medium, we can find we can find high quality content in both English and Spanish.

How can we use this?

-To spread our content if we don’t have a blog.

-To write content that has no place in our blog

-To support a personal brand or to prove our knowledge on a certain subject.

  1. SnapChat.

SnapChat is one of the networks that has most grown over the past year and it looks like it is going to continue to do so thanks to new launches such as Discover.

This network was created specifically to share photos and videos via mobile. The peculiarity of SnapChat is that the messages have a specific life span, of up to 24 hours, of your choice.

Trademarks are using SnapChat to connect with their younger public, to bring interest to new characteristics or products or to launch promotional codes that are only available on this network.

  1. Vine.

It is a platform to share videos on Twitter. The videos only last for 6 seconds, but that does not stop us from finding very creative and impacting pieces.

Videos from Vine can be embedded on Twitter or on your web page.

  1. SlideShare.

SlideShare is a great source of information on all types of economical and industrial sectors.

Therefore, it is an ideal network to support your position in the sector. You can transform guides, surveys or studies into SlideShare presentations and also pick up leads.

Don’t leave presentation design to one side if you are going to work with SlideShare. The classic boring PowerPoint presentation full of lists and no images doesn’t work here.

  1. WeHeartIt.

6 Social Networks to Complement Your Social Media Strategy

You have most probably heard a lot about Pinterest, but it is not the only social network aimed at storing and sharing visual content.

WeHeartIt is also used to create collections of images and is designed to be used as a personal expression. Fashion companies are the companies that most use this network.

Do you use any of these networks?