5 Tips to Stand Out on SlideShare

5 Tips to Stand Out on SlideShare

SlideShare is a social network specialised in professional presentations and content in general.

Although SlideShare accepts different formats such as infographics, documents and PDF, presentations are the strong point of this social network. You can find information on all different types of subjects: technology, business, education, marketing…

Aside from being a fantastic source for information, SlideShare is also an ideal channel to strengthen our image and promote our content for free.

What type of users should use SlideShare?

-all types of businesses.

-associations and organisations.

-teachers and students, as it is a great way to share what has been taught in class, projects, notes taken…

-freelance professionals who want to promote their work.

-people looking for work, as a way to promote their personal profile and show what knowledge they have.

Tips to stand out on SlideShare.

Slideshare may not be the first network we think of when we lay out a social media strategy, so we want to share some tips to help you to get to know this tool.

  1. Create high value content.

As always, good content is key, and your presentation has to offer something different. If you don’t have any ideas for this, you could always look at:

-guides and tutorials.

-book and report summaries.


Presentations should give the user useful information while, at the same time, be entertaining. Looking at the slides in your office is not the same as watching somebody give a presentation… so the presentation should keep the user hooked from the beginning to the end.

  1. Use an attractive design.

If you are going to upload presentations to SlideShare and you would like for them to receive a lot of visits, you can forget about using the classical and boring PowerPoint presentations.

All you have to do is have a look at some of the presentations on SlideShare to know that appearance is a key factor:

-try not to use predesigned templates.

-look for harmonious colour combinations.

-all images should be of high quality.

-don’t fill your presentations with loads of text, let your slides breathe.

-don’t be scared of using large text and photos.

  1. Insert keywords.

For people to find you on the SlideShare search engine, you set certain keywords and use them in the presentation title, the description, tags and even in the name of the file you are going to upload.

  1. The first impression counts.

People say that we normally judge a book by its cover, and the same thing happens with SlideShare presentations.

If the first slide has nothing to hook us to it, it is very probably that we won’t click on it and move on to another presentation. That is why it is important that you make the effort to create a good first impression.

  1. Share your presentations on other networks and on your web page.

Give your SlideShare presentations a push and start sharing them on other social networks.

Our first recommendation, and depending on the content of your presentation, is that you share it on LinkedIn, as both social networks specialise in professional content.

SlideShare presentations can also be included on web pages and blogs.