15 Examples of How to Be Creative with Facebook Covers

15 Examples of How to Be Creative with Facebook Covers

This week I started researching different company Facebook pages in order to improve and update one of my class presentations for KeyWord Room Social Media Training Course.  In this class we talk about the importance of customizing the company page and the key role that the images have in connecting with their followers.

While I was researching this, I got the idea to share various cover photos that I found so that we can see what the brands are doing to get people interested, build trust and identify with the public.  I also found several examples of things that, in my opinion, should not have been done or were unwise (bearing in mind that these are large brands with large design teams and big budgets).


Here are 12 companies that have created some amazing Facebook cover photos and a further 3 examples that were not successful with their Facebook cover photos, at least on this occasion.  I have commented on how they appear to me.

The Walking Dead: This fan page keeps up-to- date with the season that it’s running and knows how to connect with its fans.  It runs on TV and across Social Networks week-to-week.


Tomorrowland: They used an image that represents the full force that this musical event has. The design is as psychedelic as every scene they show in their events.



National Geographic: They properly integrated the cover image with the logo to represent the great outdoors.


Sprite: They created a great design that also nicely integrates the background photo with that of their profile.  They almost always get their designs right.


Coca Cola: The warmth of Coca Cola and human integration is a characteristic that always accompanies Coca Cola.  They continue along a line that already represents them across the networks, without disappointing.


Nike: You may love it or hate it.  In my case I love it.  It highlights the simplicity of their message, their logo and their slogan, “just do it  … and nothing else.  There’s no need for any more images or words.


Muscle Fitness:

Great integration of the cover photo with their profile. This fitness magazine was right to integrate both sexes and leave us with a photo that’s so clean, clear and that has a great design.



Simply a good design, good photography, they show us exactly what their product is about. Sometimes to simply take a good photo of your product is the best decision.



Virgin Atlantic:

We’re left with this feeling, the thought of having a plane close by and just below we can see their brand.  In my opinion, this is a wise choice and a good example of branding.



Always integrating or supporting different causes. In this case, a good campaign against domestic violence. Trying to reach the hearts of its followers.



What can you say? .. a good cover photo, perhaps a little light on design but it has all the design it needs to catch the eye and there’s no denying that they do it well.




Somewhat Geeky and successful.  For all those that follow Pixar, they know that their logo and little ball? appear in all their short films and feature films.  It looks like something that was made without any design, but in reality that was their intention, as it’s only for fans.


3 Enterprises that were wrong (this time)

Louis Vuitton:

I cannot find the relationship with the brand, the design leaves much to be desired, not so much for its simplicity but for being as amateurish as it seems.



I understand that this is a prize-winning campaign but it seems like it’s come from a magazine or newspaper sales from the 90s. Didn’t they use inspired designers that day?



Adidas Originals:

We’re used to better things from them, the very clear font is almost illegible which makes it look like the designers were reluctantly working on this.