6 Tools For Your Personal Trademark

6 Tools For Your Personal Trademark

Working with your personal trademark is now becoming something compulsory for businesses.

The current situation of the business market and the advances of both technology and social networks drive us to look for new tools to use when presenting ourselves as professionals.

Today, we want to share some of the resources that you can use when presenting your personal trademark.You don’t have to use them all, doing an analysis of your aims and resources, and choosing the tools that best adapt to your personal trademark is highly recommended.

Your Social Networks

Before you start looking for new personal trademark resources, it is easier to start off by going over the tools that you already use.

Almost everyone uses social networks, why not start using them as a professional as well?



Twitter is the closest thing to a conversation in a 2.0 version. Your twitter account shows your interests and hobbies but also reflects your personality, how you talk to people and how you relate to them.

You can show who you are on twitter, but you can also pull together valuable work contracts.



LinkedIn is the 2.0 version of your C.V. with many more extra added content that you can’t put onto paper.

Create a detailed profile, add contacts and participate in groups.If you want more ideas, don’t miss out on these tips for achieving a perfect LinkedIn profile page.


Your Posting Platforms

6 Tools For Your Personal Trademark.

Blog: the perfectly balanced tool


If we could only choose one personal trademark tool,we would, without a doubt, choose a blog. It is the most powerful tool, the tool that allows you to show all of your knowledge and qualities. It is much better than a C.V. and doesn’t have a limit of 140 characters.

Most people think that you need vast knowledge to be able to create a blog, but the truth is, with platforms like WordPress.com or Blogger, anybody can do it. If you do know a little bit more or have more ambitious aims, WordPress.org is a better option.



Creating a blog requires effort and persistence. If you don’t want to get involved with a projects of those dimensions, you can always use Medium to randomly post articles about the subjects of your choice.


Your Online Business Cards



About.me is a tool to create digital business cards.

Using About.me, you will have a personal page with a simple design, image and text of your choice and links to all of the social networks that you want to display.



Flavours is very similar to About.me, so we have posted both of them for you to try tham and choose what one you like best.

  • Any professional site like Google+ pro circles, LinkedIn, and twitter, help get your name out there associated with your passions. Any trade sites that fall within the scope of your profession that you can relate to and add to the commentary on in an intelligent way, will also help to develop your personal trademark and form an image of who are are, what you care about and are passionate about.

    ~Troy Sterling Woody
    Sterling Media Northwest & the Oregon Coast Digest