Vine, the TV Influencer in the USA

Vine, the TV Influencer in the USA


How is it possible that such a young app like Vine has been able to redesign American comedy? Well, if anybody has been fortunate enough -like me- of witnessing the evolution of this application since the beginning until now, we can easily say the following: people like to laugh and to make people laugh in just 6 seconds.

Vine has several categories (that have also been evolving) like “Do it Yourself”, “Sports”, “Animals” and, on of the most popular, “Comedy”. A lot of Viners were low profile actors, but with the growth of the application, their fame also grew and the demand of both people and companies has made the category very popular. What they have said in several interviews is that, in this world where we live at a quick pace and with not so happy events, laughter is one of the best antidotes and it is a pleasure to make users from countries all around the world, as well as themselves, laugh, like a kind of therapy to vent out negative energy and improve their way of life.

The incredible thing about Vine is that it has given great job opportunities for its users and comedy was not going to get left behind; most Viners have officially started their careers as comedians, leaving their day jobs and participating in TV series, films, advertisements, in famous “stand ups” in bars or theatres and even launching their own audiovisual campaigns and/or YouTube channels.

But, as in real life, in Vine the saying “different likes for different styles” is also applied. And it happens that, the more popular/commercial the Viner, the more forced and simple their comedy becomes. It is getting harder and harder to see the most popular Viners and those with the most followers come up with new comedy and not depending on jokes that already exist in the internet, on special effects editions or racist comedy. Sometimes, there are even cases when they ‘steal’ vines from little known users and practically make their ideas their own. Not good at all.

As a user of Vine and in constant search of authentic comedy that will make me laugh every day, I can recommend a few American users for you to follow:





So now you know, if you are Vine users and consider yourself good at comedy, you can start a successful career as comedians and break through in your country, always following a simple but effective rule: always be authentic.