7 Marketing Tools that’ll Increase your Blog Visits

7 Marketing Tools that’ll Increase your Blog Visits

On our KeyWord Room Training Courses, it’s very likely that students will ask us to recommend which nest tools will help them increase their blog traffic and get new readers. Because we love marketing and because we always want to share all our tricks, we have decided to share these tools with all our readers too!


Simply add a URL into the search box of BuzzSumo and you’ll get to see a great amount of results and information about the best performing articles of the website you’ve just queried.

Buzzsumo is useful in helping you to analyse how well your rivals or experts are doing within the same market as you.


2.Quick Sprout

Simply type a URL into the Quick Sprout Search Box and you’ll get a complete analysis of the content and performance of your website. You can also compare it with your competitors’ website and you’ll get to see the results as to how they’re doing as well. You’ll be able to discover your website speed, see how well you’re doing on both SEO and also on your Social Media. It’s a tool you shouldn’t miss!


3.Portent Title Marker

Simply type a subject into the search box and the Portent Content tool will suggest a title for your blog article. If you click on the refresh button, the Portent Content tool will generate different ideas for your blog titles, so you’ll be able to choose the best one for you.


4 Blog Topics Generator

This tool works in a similar way to Portent, you type-in the subjects and the tool will suggest different titles for your blog posts.  You can introduce up to 3 different keywords.  It’s a HubSpot tool.


5 Twitter Trending Topic

On Twitter Trending Topic, you’ll be able to see the top topics that are trending at the moment.  It’s ideal when you want to find new ideas to write about, to find out what people are talking about at the moment and to create awareness quickly among the people that are interested in the latest news and trends. You’ll be able to adapt your strategy to each local region.


6 Google Trends

Is your Blog subject very popular? Are you creating interesting content for your audience? How will you know if you’re writing about something new, whether people are going to like it and share it?

Well, you can use Google Trends to see the volume of searches on Google for different Keywords.  After analysing the Google Trends report, you’ll be able to determine if your subject is interesting enough, or even find something new that can be very interesting for your next blog.


7.KeyWord Planner

How can you achieve better reach for your blog posts and how can you choose the best keywords to promote yourself?  How can you make people find your blog easily?

With this tool, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your keywords. Google KeyWord Planner will allow you to enter a large amount of keywords and then it’ll suggest related keywords and its search volume, so you’ll be able to use the best one, or even find out new ones that will help you possibly discover hidden readers.