5 Things you Should do Before Starting your Blog

5 Things you Should do Before Starting your Blog

5 Things you Should do Before Starting your Blog

Did you know that 20.000 people start a blog per day? But that doesn’t mean that launching a blog should be taken lightly.

In the past, blogs were more like diaries than anything else, a personalised page for your personal thoughts. But it seems that, currently, all companies, both big and small, have their own blogs to send out communications, professionals use them to show authority and the rest of us use them to share our passions or use them as a hobby.

This makes our scope of our new blog very difficult as the bar has been set very high, it is complicated for us to reach the level of the official blogs or of those that are already monetised. For that reason, we have to be prepared when creating a blog to be able to get as much as possible out of the new site. If we are not prepared for the scope of this, it may not be the scope we deserve even if the quality of the content is good.

If you want to be successful in managing your blog, you have to take into account that the things that should be done beforehand are as important as what you have to do once it has been published.

Creating new bases and achieving that the management of this is much easier.

Here are 5 important points that should be kept in mind:

  1. Choose your subject.

5 Things you Should do Before Starting your Blog

This may sound silly but you would be surprised at how many people start a blog without being clear about the aim of this and what is going to be spoken about on the site itself. Instead of this, they have very open subject areas and the blog ends up becoming unorganised with no defined market or loyal followers. This makes them not have any long term followers as it is very hard to please everybody. At the end of the day, the best this you can do is try to focus on a smaller market and a subject that you know a lot about.

For example, imagine you launch a blog on sports. You should try to choose a specific niche within your blog. In this case, imagine that you choose and put all of your efforts into writing articles about Football. This way, you will leave aside other sports such as swimming, track and field, basketball… That way you can focus and dedicate yourself solely to football and not leave other subjects half done and not being able to manage them properly. Now, if you have the right team to be able to cover all of the subjects, but that isn’t normally the case with new blogs.

  1. Compare platforms.

5 Things you Should do Before Starting your Blog

The platform you choose to create your blog is going to mean a big difference when you are choosing the characteristics of your blog, when creating marketing strategies, if you want to monetise it or not, if you want to create an affiliate program and many other things. I cannot say that one is better than another because that depends on the goals, personality and preferences of the blogger that is going to use it. Before you start, it is recommended to carry out a small investigation and look at all of the different blogs, that way you can see which one will give you more benefits for your specific case.

What are you looking for? A free platform or do you have a budget that you can assign? Many people choose WordPress, as this is one of the most popular platforms available. Here you have the option of having a standard version. This version has less functions but it can be very good for .org or for blogs that do not have any intention of monetising. In the case that you want to monetise your blog with Google Adwords, we recommend using the advanced version of WordPress as this has extra functions and will let you gain this monetisation. With this paid option, you can choose between the different themes as you will have access to the entire catalogue, you will also have the option of adding different widgets that you cannot add with the standard version.

  1. Choose adequate hosting.

5 Things you Should do Before Starting your Blog

This is as important as choosing a good platform. Some platforms can have their own hosting available for you to buy directly. But there are always other options and you should base your decision on different factors. Price is an important factor, most hosts are going to have special discounts and promotions for newcomers, there are also discounts if you pay one year upfront and many other offers. Have a good look at the prices before you make a decision. YOu also have to keep in mind the customer service factor. You must check to see there are no additional costs for having this service and the best recommendation is that you have a look at the recommendations and valuations of previous customers.

  1. How often are you going to post on your blog?

5 Things you Should do Before Starting your Blog

Another important factor is having a clear strategy of when you are going to create articles for your blog. This will help you to create a calendar so you can carry out a good monitoring of your page and will help you to stay motivated to keep the number of posts that you have assigned. If you have a blog on events, you should post at least 1 post per day, 5 days a week.

If you want more traffic, you will have to post more often. For other types of blogs, your goal should be to post at least once a week. The ideal is around 3 posts a week and begin your growth that way. Once you decide how often you are going to post on your new blog, establish the days when you want to post and I even recommend that you set a specific timetable. If you have a day that you have nothing to do, you can simply write all of your articles that same day and program them to be published throughout the week. It is a mistake to leave your blog abandoned or not posting frequently. If you later have a public that follows you and they have gotten used to a number of posts a week or a day, I recommend that you try to maintain this level. Keep a progressive growth, don’t give a lot at the beginning to later not post as much as this can cause reader to stop following you

  1. Make your goals clear.

What do you want to achieve with your blog?

  1. Are you looking to create traffic on a specific date?
  2. Are you looking to share knowledge of something that you love with your community?
  3. Do you want to monetise your web and earn an extra income?
  4. Do you want people to acknowledge you as an expert on a certain subject?

My conclusion is:

You should have all of this established before starting and that way you can carry out a more efficient strategy.

In a way, I believe that this should be the most important point as to not start off on the wrong foot.