16 Ideas to Post Content that doesn’t Expire on your Blog

16 Ideas to Post Content that doesn’t Expire on your Blog

Content that doesn’t expire, also known as atemporal or evergreen content, are one of the most popular strategies used by successful blogs.

They are called atemporal blogs because they are useful even with the passing of time, unlike others that are tied to current events and that go out of date quickly. Posts that don’t expire are interesting for the reader on the day they are posted but also months later as well.

One of the biggest advantages of these type of content is that they can still bring traffic from search engines even if a lot have time has passed from the date it was posted. And so, even if more effort is needed to create this type of content, the benefits are also more.

16 Ideas to Post Content that doesn’t Expire on your Blog.

There are a lot of ways to post evergreen content on your blog. Have a look at these ideas and see what one adjusts more to your needs.

  1. Tutorials, guides or instruction manuals of any type of product or service. If there is any change in the product, you can always update the tutorial for it to be valid.

How to use a Thermomix

Google Analytics Tutorial.

  1. Dictionaries or glossaries of specific terms related to a certain area or theme.

Basic Twitter vocabulary.

  1. Reviews and comments on books, films, music, programs, products…
  1. Biographies of important people.
  1. Testimonies, experiences and user or customer opinions.
  1. Articles and content on a specific subject, but focusing on beginners who are looking for basic information.

Sushi recipes for beginners.

  1. Interviews with people of interest.
  1. Lists of the “best” blogs, book, authors… of a specific sector.

The best books for cycling enthusiasts.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  2. Summaries of quotes or famous sayings.

The best quotes on art.

  1. Articles focused on history or past events.

The origins of Apple.

  1. Summaries of the best posts on your blog.
  1. Checklists, printables and downloadables.
  1. Profound analyses of events linked to the present. To take advantage of current events, you can write longer analyses that delves deeper than other articles.
  1. Personal experiences related to achievements, errors or personal experiences, from which other people can learn.

What I have learned in my first year as a freelance photographer.

  1. Posts focusing on a specific year, that are updated annually (statistics, trends…). If one post works, you can update it year after year.

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