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Very detailed presentation of technical/developmental methodologies and gives me a great understanding to allow me to tell my developers what I am looking for from a tracking perspective.

Tom Potter, USA

The teachers are excellent, achieving a high level of understanding and learning in the online environment. The courses cover all types of content in great depth, from basic understanding to the most complex . General and administrative management of all members of staff was also excellent. I highly recommend courses  of AdveiSchool and the Keyword Room.

Alison Green - UK

Excellent course and highly recommended. They achieve something that today is important and this is humanizing technology because, although the course is online, you feel part of a group as it is an interactive course and you get to hear other students questions and answers.

Charles Richard - UK

I want to thank you for being part of these courses. I am very satisfied with the teaching methods and content! I would also like to take this opportunity to say that we have had great teachers who demonstrated their expertise well and made me feel very comfortable.

Linda Sullivan - Ireland

I have found the courses very useful, especially as the exercises that were sent help the theory to be better understood. Ten in my opinion!

Borja Tejón Cañete - Spain

KeyWord Room Trainers fully captured my attention and provided an invaluable insight on current Google marketing trends. I highly recommend them.

Matteo Rabellini, Italy

I have really enjoyed the courses and the use of the Webinar to teach classes, in my case I had some doubts of a course of this kind, the difference of having a schedule allows you to organize and attend classes . AdveiSchool and the KeyWord Room have exceeded my expectations.

Karina Echart - Germany

The courses have exceeded my expectations. They are better than a classroom course , if you have any questions you can check the class gradient in the videos or contact your tutor.

Federico Rodríguez-Buzón - Spain

The dynamics of the courses and topics have been good. Overall I have learned to use the tools as was indicated in the programs, they have met the objective of the course and I am very satisfied.

Adeline Vaudet - France

AdveiSchool and the KeyWord Room are the best thing that happened to me in my educational career , I have learned many things in several courses that I can now apply to my professional development. I congratulate you. I am truly grateful.

Kate Moore - USA

I would like to say thanks most of all for the enthusiasm of AdveiSchool and the KeyWord Room to share knowledge to those of us who work with theses types of strategies. Thank you because from now on I can be more professional in my current job and make various campaigns profitable.

Marloe Koot - Holland