The Powerful Relationship Between Instagram and Blogs

The Powerful Relationship Between Instagram and Blogs

There are some people that say that an image is worth more than a thousand words and that this can also be applied to Social Media Marketing. But there are still lots of people that want to read those thousand words.

Some people agree that using Instagram can become addictive, and even though there are some people that use it more than others, it’s a great place for brands to build awareness, and even sell products in some cases.

Instagram can build a bridge between our users and our blog and can also help us get some new visitors and blog followers. Instagram gets us closer to users that have similar likes and trends, and this is also useful for our blog.

Our goal is to share content.  Sharing content is essential for bloggers and nowadays, in the Social Media age, bloggers have a wide range of options available using different Social Media Platforms from where they can post and share their articles. Instagram is one of these regardless of the content we’ll be sharing.  Instagram is a great place to promote ourselves via the use of great imagery which can be improved through using filters and the correct use of Hashtags.

The first step before using Instagram has to be to identify our audience. To do this, we must answer a few questions first:

  • Who do I want to read my blog?
  • What do they want to read?
  • How old are my possible blog visitors?
  • What do they do on the Internet?
  • What Social Media Networks do they normally use?
  • Will they have enough time to ready my blog articles?

What advantages does Instagram have that the Blog doesn’t?

Bloggers say that the best advantage about Instagram is the immediacy and its spontaneity.  There’s no need to write 300 words about something you like when you can just share it in an instant image. Instagram can even get you closer to readers as users get to share a part of the everyday life of their favourite bloggers. These images can be linked with the blog to generate even more traffic to the blog and this is a great advantage.

Hashtag use can sometimes be dangerous: If we use a particular keyword that we know perfectly represents our blog, or if we use different words to try to raise awareness not only in one subject, but in a lot of them.  How to use the hashtag depends on our goal.  It’s a good idea to use a hashtag if our goal is to make our users identify our blog with that keyword, or we can use several hashtags if our goal is for people to get to know us and see us no matter what.

What are the Advantages of Blogs?

Blogs can generate better interaction with readers. Readers normally come back if they like what they read. Readers can comment and start a fluent conversation with other readers. There is no limit to the number of characters and that’s something that doesn’t happen in Social Media Networks.

As a conclusion, we can say that Instagram is a great tool for the blog. They don’t compete, we can use Instagram to drive a lot of traffic from Instagram to our blog and so create greater curiosity, awareness and affinity among our Instagram users.