Feedly Tutorial for Beginners

Feedly Tutorial for Beginners

Do you like to read blogs?

Do you follow several bloggers on social networks and would like to be up to date with their posts?

Don’t you want to miss a single update from your favourite blog?

Feedly is a basic tool for community managers and digital professionals. If you still don’t use it, now is a good time for you to get to know it.

What is Feedly?

Feedly is a RSS or feed reader. That is, a tool that allows us to add feeds or RSS from different websites, so that you can read all of the new that interests you from a single place, without having to go from one web to another.

RSS or feeds are files that are updated every time new content is posted. So, by using Feedly, you will make sure you are always up to date.

How to start with Feedly.

To use Feedly, you first have to create an account with your Gmail account. Once you have introduced your details, your Feedly account is created and you can start adding blogs.

To add new blogs or content, start with the search box, introducing:

– a URL: in the case that know the blog address that you want to follow. For example, www.adveischool.com. In this case, Feedly will show you the blog that you want to follow directly.

– a word: for example, gastronomy. Here, several gastronomical blogs will appear that you can follow.

– a hashtag: for example, #socialmedia. As before, you will see several suggested blogs related to the hashtag you have chosen.

Click on the blog that interests you and have a look at the latest content posted. To subscribe, all you have to do is press the +feedly button and you will be ready to receive updates.

Simple, right?


Organise your feeds.

If your a blog addict, your Feedly will probably end up full of blogs that you want to follow. The best thing to do with loads of subscriptions is to organise Feedly in collections, groups of blogs with different blogs of specific subjects.

You have two different options to organise your blogs. The first is to create collections from the side menu with the name that you prefer as you add your new feeds. This is highly recommended.



If you have not created different categories or you would like to change the way in which you have organised Feedly, you can also organise them later on.

Press on the organise button (on the side menu) and you can see all of the blogs that you follow and move them to different categories by just clicking on them and dragging them.

Personalise your Feedly.

Feedly has several different vistas for you to read your articles in the most comfortable way for you:

– Title only: it will only show you the title of the post and a few words from the beginning of the text.

– Magazine: shows the title, the main image and more of the text.

– Cards: similar to the above, this also shows the main image and some of the text but the placement on the screen is different from Magazine.

– Full article: shows the complete article.


Some extra tricks for Feedly.

  1. Feedly has its own function to save articles to read them later on, but you can also connect it to services like Pocket or Evernote. You can share content on your social networks directly from Feedly or use services such as Buffer or Hootsuite.
  1. If you like one of the sentences you are reading, select it and click on the right button of your mouse. You can share it directly on Twitter.


Feedly works very well on mobile devices, both iOS and Android.

Try out Feedly, it will most probably turn into one of your essential tools!