6 Tools To Become a Super-Productive Community Manager

6 Tools To Become a Super-Productive Community Manager

The best productivity tool is a good dose of concentration. However, the work of a community manager implies several distractions and a little bit of help never hurts.

Here we have 6 tools that will help you to become a super-productive community manager.

Google Docs

Google office apps are not as good as Office but they do cover the basics and have a great advantage: the possibility to use them from any computer connected to the internet. If you work from home and the office, with a laptop, desktop and mobile, Google Drive will help you to always have your main documents at hand.


Why waste time carrying out routine tasks that don’t give you a lot in return? This is what IFTTT is for, as it carries out tasks automatically. Sharing photos from Instagram on Twitter, saving Twitter favorites, saving links to look at them later on… are all operations that IFTTT can do for you.  


Trello is a free app that is halfway between the classic to do list and team cooperation. It can be used individually or as part of a team.  

With Trello, a task is set as a card, and these are organised in lists within boards. You can have a board for each client or for each one of your projects, and move the cards at will, assign them to a colleague and save them when they are completed.


Would you like to know who has read your emails? Write a message and have the message send itself tomorrow morning? With Sidekick, you can.

It is a free chrome extension, perfect for monitoring important messages and ensuring that they have all been read.


6 Tools To Become a Super-Productive Community Manager

Slack is an application that is revolutionising communication among company teams, and can save you dozens of emails. Each conversation is its own channel and, within these, you can chat and send documents.

If you need to create private channels or send a message to just one person, you can. And everything is archived and indexed, so you can recover any information you may need in the future.


If you are a list fanatic, ToDoist is for you. With versions for both mobiles and Chrome, you will not have any pending tasks that have not been written down. S


6 Tools To Become a Super-Productive Community Manager

Don’t waste any more time. Start controlling how much time you spend with each client o tasks with Toggl. The free version allows you to work individually or in a group of up to five people.

You will have detailed reports of how much time you spend on each project, which is handy to find out how to improve your progress and to know which clients need more time.