5 Things That Make You Look Like a Newbie on Facebook

5 Things That Make You Look Like a Newbie on Facebook

With over 1.350 million users on Facebook, it is important to use the social network well so that it does not turn into an unpleasant experience.

Just like in real life, Facebook has its own rules on etiquette and good manners. It is important to understand them for two reasons:

  • to not look like a complete newbie on the social network
  • to not annoy other users.

Tagging all of your friends, sending out hundreds of invitations, posting things without thinking about it first… are all things that can be seen on Facebook very often and the only thing you achieve with this is looking bad. E

Sending game and app invitations

The Farmville fever has passed but there are still users who continue to send out invitations to loads of different games. It’s okay to use Facebook as a distraction, but not okay to fill your friends notification boxes up with unwanted game requests that do not interest them.

Tagging dozens of people on photos or posts.

Many people don’t like to be tagged in photos and it can even annoy them if they are tagged without permission. Just because a person is in the photo, it doesn’t mean they want to be tagged. If the person doesn’t even appear in the photo, even worse still.

Don’t tag people you hardly know, or large groups of people, because it will make you look like a spammer. And of course, don’t tag anybody that does not look good in a photo.

Follow the same rule with post mentions. Only include the name of a person if what you are posting is relevant to them.

Inviting people to events that they cannot assist.

Have you ever been invited to an event that was not close to you or that was not of your interest?

Although you want people to know about the event you are organising, inviting all of your friends is not going to help you to get more people to come. It is better to send less invitations that are personalised with a message.

Liking your own posts.

We have all made this mistake in the past…but don’t turn it into a habit. If you have shared something on Facebook, people know that you have done so because you like the post or consider it interesting.

Inviting all of your friends to like your new page.

If you have created a page on Facebook about bonsais, it makes no sense whatsoever to invite your football team to follow the page, or all of your computer tech friends. It is probable that they are not going to be interested in your page and you are going to come across as annoying.