How To Use Adwords Call Extensions

How To Use Adwords Call Extensions

Google Adwords call extensions show a telephone number next to your text advertisement.

The call extensions can be seen on both computers and mobile devices, with the advantage in the second case that the user can make a call directly from the ad, without having to dial the number.

This extension is convenient for businesses in which the customer is used to requiring information or making a reservation over the phone instead of on the website: like hairdressers, sport centers, dentists, workshops, restaurants… It is also very useful for companies that have a highly developed customer service over the phone.

Ads will call extensions work exactly the same as the rest of the ads in terms of cost: you only pay when the user clicks to make a call.

How to use Adwords call extensions.

You can apply the call extension from the extensions tab on a campaign or group of ads.

Upon creating a new extension, you can chose between two different numbers:

  • the number chosen by the company.
  • a number with Google call forwarding.

The number with call forwarding is a number given by Google and has the advantage of being able to record conversations, compared to conventional numbers, which cannot. Using this type of number is free, but it is not available in all countries at the moment.

If you cannot use the call forwarding number, it is recommended to take measures to measure the effectiveness of this type of ad:

  • Use an exclusive telephone number for Adwords ads: this way, there will be no doubts as to the amount of people who have called after seeing the ad. If you use the company’s current number, it is very hard to measure the effectiveness of your ad.
  • Keep a record of all calls received.

This two tips are also applied if you use the call extension on computer ads. When a user sees the ad on their computer, they cannot call directly and it is possible that they do not even click on the call option. So there is no real way of knowing how many calls have come from Adwords. Only an exclusive number will help us to gain this information.

Lastly, when using the extension, don’t forget to set your timetables so that the call extension is not shown at times of the day that you cannot answer the phone.