5 Tricks to Stretch a Limited Budget on Adwords

5 Tricks to Stretch a Limited Budget on Adwords

Managing Google Adwords campaigns on a limited budget is quite the challenge. The sensation many small business have is that they do not have enough money to be able to make use of the real potential of Adwords.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend loads of money to be able to carry out successful campaigns. You can actually get good results with a small amount of money if the tool is used correctly.

We want to help you by offering some tips to make the most of Google Adwords on a limited budget.

Bet for the search network

The search networks and the display network behave differently and, generally, it is easier to control the search ads.

Unless you have a very good reason to do a display campaign, we recommend that you start off with text ads on the search network. The display ads are much better for branding campaigns and have very low CTR. Whatever you do, don’t run a campaign mixing both networks.

Watch keywords with the lowest quality index.

Each Google Adwords keyword has a number assigned from 1 to 10 that represents its quality index. The higher the number, the more options there are of an ad benefitting from a higher position or for a word to have a cheaper CPC.

Add the quality index column and locate those keywords that are marked under 7. Pay special attention to those under 5. You can consider pausing them or changing the ad group, as the quality level is related to the expected percentage of clicks, the relevance of the ad and the experience on the destination page.

Increase your list of negative keywords.

Periodically adding negative keywords removes irrelevant clicks and traffic. Therefore, doing so stops you from spending money on searches that are no interest to you.

Limit the number of keywords.

When you have a limited Adwords budget it is important to prioritise and not try to take on too many keywords at the same time. It is better to start off promoting the product or services that can bring more benefits and then widen your campaigns.

The bigger your campaigns and keyword lists are, the more problems you will have to optimise them. Also, you are risking certain campaigns or ad groups taking up the budget for the rest.

Reduce your timetable and segment according to your location.

Unless you work in an international company, it may not make much sense to have your campaign working 24 hours a day. Focus your campaigns around the times when it is most probable that your clients are on the net.

Similarly, if you advertise a local business, running campaigns with a geographic segmentation that is very large can cost a lot of money. Segment in accordance to the location of your company.