5 Reasons Why You Should Bid For Your Brand on Adwords

5 Reasons Why You Should Bid For Your Brand on Adwords

Why do you have to bid for your brand on Google Adwords? Why pay for publicity when you’re ranking first on organic results?

These are very common questions among first time clients who discover that they have to pay for their own brand on Google Adwords. It may seem like a waste of time and money at first, but we want to give you 5 reasons why you should bid for your brand on Adwords.

Your clients will find you more.

It is logical that if you carry out a search on Google with the name of your brand, you will be the first on the ranking in organic results. Maybe, if you have social networks, your Facebook page or your Twitter profile will be displayed below.

If you also make ads with Adwords, you will also have another space on the screen, on top of everything else. The result is that your brand comes up a lot in the results. You will be more visible and you will also remove results from your competition or of pages that do not interest you.

At the end of the day, your aim is for people to find you and click on one of your results, and not that there are no other pages in the results. The more space you take up on the page, more possibilities you have of achieving your goal.  

Additional Information.

With Google Adwords extensions, you have the possibility of including a lot of relevant information for the user, and that cannot be controlled through organic results.

Address, main pages, special offers… you can offer all of this from your Adwords ads. Remember to add extension such as:

  • location
  • links to your page
  • call

5 Reasons Why You Should Bid For Your Brand on Adwords

Low CPC and high CTR

A low CPC and a high CTR are the dream of everybody who manages accounts with Adwords.  

The quality of the keywords associated to your brand is going to be very high and you will achieve a good CTR. The cost per click when you bid for your own brand will be low, so it will not mean a lot of additional expenses.

All of this affects your history and quality of the account positively, so it is highly recommended to do this from the start.

You can lead the user to the exact page they are looking for.

It is possible that the person carrying out the search lands on your homepage if they click on the organic results. With organic results, the possibilities of reaching the exact page they are looking for increases through, for example, link extensions.

This also happens with a search like “set keyword”. That is, instead of using only the name of your brand, they add something else. The ads that will be activated will be different to those when only your brand name is searched, and they will be redirected to a more relevant section of your website.

Rival brands can also bid for your brand name.

This is something that can be looked over at first. Rival companies may also be bidding for your brand name and you may not even know about it.

As is logical, your competition will have lower quality and worse CTR in keywords associated to your brand. But you should not have to get to this point to act upon it, it is best to bid for your brand from the start.