Have you heard of Web Analytics? Are you new to Google Analytics?  Do you know how it works?  Are you looking to learn more?  Would you like to become Certified in Google Analytics?

We’ll teach you how to properly use reports and help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website. You will learn who your visitors are, their needs and the key indicators used in successful monitoring and ongoing improvements, how to analyse these and to tailor a strategy to suit your needs. You will discover how to improve your SEO and your SEM/AdWords Campaigns. And last but no means least, we will ensure you are well-prepared to pass the Google Analytics Professional Qualification.

Why should I study with the Keyword Room

AdveiSchool™ and KeyWord Room™ have trained more than 6000 students in Google Analytics AdWords and Social Media around the world. We are leaders in online training across Latin America and Europe.

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  • Online Live Training
  • 6 hrs Live Training
  • Weekly-recorded lessons
  • Weekly Homework
  • Comprehensive material
  • Mentor assigned for each student
  • KeyWord Room / AdveiSchool Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification Preparation
  • Online Live Training
  • 6 hrs Live Training
  • Weekly-recorded lessons
  • Weekly Homework
  • Comprehensive material
  • Mentor assigned for each student
  • KeyWord Room / AdveiSchool Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification Preparation

Here is What We Cover

  • Web Analytics Introduction
  • Web Analytics Types
  • What to Measure and Why?
  • What Can/Can’t Analytics do for us
  • Discovering Insights
  • Best Practices in Installing Google Analytics
  • How Does Google Analytics (GA) Work?
  • Implementation and Configuration
  • Best Practices on Code Insertion
  • Glossary
  • Definitions of Goals
  • What is a Goal?
  • Characteristics and Types of Goals
  • Measuring Goals
  • Settings Goals on GA and Solving
  • Problems
  • Efficient Account Management
  • Determining Measurement
  • Account Management
  • Users Management
  • Google Analytics Change History
  • Creating and Managing Views
  • How to Add a View
  • How to Create a Copy of a View
  • Configuration of a View
  • How to Delete a View
  • Efficient Measurement Campaign
  • Types of Traffic on Google Analytics
  • Tracking a Campaign
  • Tracking Online Campaigns GA
  • Tracking Offline campaigns GA
  • Integration with Google AdWords
  • Relationship Between AdWords and Analytics
  • Linking AdWords and Analytics Accounts.
  • Tracking AdWords Destination URL
  • Comparison of Metric Conversions
  • Reporting
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Dashboards and Shortcuts
  • Intelligence Events
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Google Analytics Advanced
  • Filter Management
  • Regular Expression Types
  • Experiments Reports
  • Tips and Tools
  • Ecommerce on Google Analytics
  • Reporting and Metrics E-Commerce
  • Advantages of the E-Commerce GA
  • Common Issues
  • E-Commerce metrics
  • Custom Reports
  • What are Custom Reports?
  • Advantages of Custom Reports
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Examples of Custom Reports
  • Webmaster Tools Integration
  • Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools
  • First Steps with Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Webmaster Tools Features
  • How to link GA and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Tracking Social Interactions
  • Social Settings
  • Social Impact
  • Setting Social Plugins on GA
  • Strategies of Social Measurement
  • Filters in Google Analytics
  • Types of Filters
  • Examples of Filters
  • Domains and Subdomains Management
  • Tracking Multi Domain Configuration
  • Advanced Segments
  • The Importance of Segmentation
  • Default Segments
  • Examples of Advanced Segments
  • Customer Identification Value
  • Custom Definitions
  • Advanced Segments
  • Google Analytics Cookie
  • Custom Metrics
  • Custom Dimensions

Who is this course for?

  • New Google Analytics ™ users.
  • Current Users who are looking for tips, improvements and optimizations.
  • Business Professionals who want to understand how Analytics works and why the correct knowledge of its use is fundamental for their business.
  • Business Professionals who want to understand how digital marketing agencies work.
  • Those who want information to help make decisions, implement strategies and improve their Marketing Campaigns.

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What you Get:

  • Live Online Classes
  • Weekly Video Lessons
  • Weekly Homework
  • Assigned Mentors
  • Comprehensive Course Material
  • Exams Preparation


Very detailed presentation of technical/developmental methodologies and gives me a great understanding to allow me to tell my developers what I am looking for from a tracking perspective.
Tom Potter, USA